FAQ about Personal Training

  • How often should I meet with a Personal Trainer?
    • Depending on your individual goals, fitness level, schedule and budget, it may require a minimum of twice per week to maintain your current body composition.
    • Three times per week to change your body composition
    • Of course, if you wish to achieve rapid results, you can attend more often to accelerate your fat loss or muscle growth.
  • How long are the sessions?
    • Either 30 or 60 minutes –we encourage our clients to come in about 10 minutes earlier to warm-up and stretch and get mentally prepared for their workout session.
  • Do we offer memberships?
    • This is where we are different from the big gyms. We don’t require a membership fee. We sell our packages in three, six, twelve-month programs.
  • Can I use the studio during my off days?
    • Because Fit for Life does not charge membership fees, you will only have access during your scheduled appointment.
  • How long until I see results?
    • Every client is different in how their body adjusts to training and nutrition. However, it is common to begin to notice strength and energy level changes within the first six to eight weeks.
    • Remember, the more you put into the program during your studio off days, the quicker you will achieve your goals. The key is good nutrition and rest.
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