Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)™

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What is MAT?

In recent years, a revolutionary new process has evolved for correcting the body’s muscular imbalances.  It has dramatically improved functional capabilities in all age groups. It elevated athletic performance and career longevity in several competitive athletes. This process is a biomechanically-based therapy called Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)™.

MAT is a cutting edge, systematic approach to identifying and correcting muscular imbalances. This process keeps the muscular system functioning at an optimal level, resulting in enhanced performance while minimizing/eliminating pain.

No matter what the type of activity/exercise…golf, running, basketball, baseball, tennis, or just walking up stairs…the MAT procedure addresses the weak links; thereby allowing the body to function most efficiently while minimizing pain.

This innovative treatment was developed over a 15 year period by Greg Roskopf, MS. Greg has worked as a Biomechanics consultant for various professional organizations including the Utah Jazz, the Denver Nuggets and the Denver Broncos.  Until the MAT internship was initiated in 2001, only professional athletes had access to this technique. Now this technique is available to all individuals in the Cleveland area.

Why is MAT different?

The MAT process looks at muscle inhibition, rather than muscle tightness as the cause of limitations in range of motion.  When the body recognizes instability (muscle inhibition) it is designed to protect itself by sending messages to surrounding muscles to tighten up in an attempt to support and protect the joint.  By treating the inhibition rather than the tightness, the root of the problem is addressed and correct neurological functioning can be restored. This proper communication between the nervous system and the muscle is vital for a muscle to be able to perform its tasks optimally.

What MAT is not?

Muscle Activation Techniques is not physical therapy, chiropractic, or massage therapy.  It is a biomechanical tool used to identify muscular imbalances and make the appropriate corrections.  Through this process compensation patterns are eliminated allowing the muscles to function in the manner that they were designed.

Kim Brody

Kim Brody, the owner of Muscular Connections, was Ohio’s first certified Muscle Activation Specialist. She studied exercise physiology at Bowling Green State University, receiving her Bachelor’s degree in 1994 and her Master’s degree in 1997. Along with many years of personal training experience, she has worked in cardiac rehabilitation, corporate health/wellness, and commercial fitness.  Her quest to be the best personal trainer led her to an IDEA personal training conference where she was first introduced to Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). She decided she could no longer effectively train her clients without this knowledge and began the MAT internship in December 2002, earning her certification in March 2003.  Since then she has provided MAT for clients in the Cleveland area.  They now experience pain relief and performance enhancement only previously available to professional athletes.

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