Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training
Three challenges individuals face when training with a personal trainer are cost, location and accessibility. With our on-line training program you don’t have to drive to the gym, try to schedule time with a trainer, or buy an expensive package. For only $99.00 a month, our on-line personal training program is a proven successful option to get you in the best shape.

What separates us from the competition?

  • Access to a trainer either through e-mails or phone calls
  • Customized fitness programs based on your individual needs and goals
  • Fresh- new workouts every three to four weeks
  • Detailed exercises with videos and printable instructions
  • Provided motivation, encouragement and accountability
  • Ability to change programs to reach goals
  • Nutrition and fitness tips
  • Cardio workouts – not just strength training
  • You can cancel at anytime – no long term commitment
  • A year-long comprehensive training, nutrition, sleep and stress management plan
  • Many more extras

So now what’s your excuse? Take advantage of our free 30-day trial offer. Then make your decision.

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