Who We Are

Fit for Life, “A Total Fitness-Wellness Concept,” was established in 1997 with a mission to educate individuals on the importance of incorporating a healthier lifestyle into daily activities. Our wellness programs are not only about improving strength goals or managing weight objectives, but understanding the individual emotional dynamics of a healthy lifestyle.  We focus as a team in facilitating strategies towards achieving measurable goals with all our wellness programs.

Our facility is a 2,000 square foot training studio with shower facilities and additional amenities. All our programs are customized to support your goals, lifestyle and budget. We believe in using dumbbells, resistance bands, jump ropes, Olympic lifts and various other exercise tools to help you function within a 360 degree plane. Your body doesn’t just move from front to back but side to side and incorporates various squat positions. This is why a program focusing on the whole body is essential in developing and maintaining optimal health and achieving your fitness goals.

At Fit for Life you are embraced as a member of our family. As a member, you are provided with the highest quality of customer service as you travel on your journey towards living a healthier lifestyle.


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